The Experience

A tailored and personalised

experience, just for you!

At Diamonds by Scarlett Rose, we pride ourselves on personalised service, a once in a lifetime experience catered to your individual needs. Once we have made contact, either through phone, email or in person, we will assist you in filling out one of our booking forms.

From here, we will contact you to via phone (or preferred method) to discuss the booking  form with you, asking any clarifying questions to make sure we understand exactly what it is you are after and ensure you are familiar with the 4C’s of a Diamond.

The next step is to create your itinerary outlining every stop along the way from the moment you leave your residence to the moment you enter our Diamond cutting house to pick your one of a kind, unique diamond. Along the way we endeavor to create unforgettable memories. Anything from Private Jets, to speeding through Dubai in luxurious supercars and your choice of 5, 6, and even 7 star hotels.

We will schedule in a sit down meeting with you personally to hand over your itinerary and run you through what to expect during the experience.