What does mean to live the dream

What does it mean to live the dream?

Of all the cliche phrases out there surrounding success, 'living the dream' is one of the most poorly understood of the lot.

We all pursue it with zeal, yet even when some get there, many of them are underwhelmed by the lack of fulfillment their 'dream life' provides.

All of this has led to a great deal of confusion – what does it mean to 'live the dream' these days? Is it a specific lifestyle which we should all aspire to, or is it something uniquely personal?

Our opinion lies mostly with the latter assertion. We'll expand on what we mean in the following blog.

To reject social constructs which don't resonate with you

Every day, the media bombards us with images and stories detailing what it means to 'live the dream'. Repeated by loved ones who only want the best for us, the pressure to conform can become unbearable.

Let's be clear: there is nothing wrong with having the dream home on the hill, a fancy car in your garage, or having the ability to travel to far-off places on a whim.

However, it is unrealistic to assume everyone should seek the same life. One person's version of 'the dream' may revolve around living sustainably in a tiny house in the countryside, working online to meet their basic needs.

Others may have an insatiable drive to climb the corporate ladder and to live a lavish lifestyle of Michelin star dinners and penthouse condos.

Neither person is wrong, so long as they are abiding by their inner truth. The day you reject external expectations and focus your energy on building the life you desire is the day you start to 'live the dream'.

To pursue one's dreams and goals without fear of failure

It is not enough to passively wish for a better life. You need to jump in with both feet and trust in your ability to adapt on the fly.

Take snow skiing for example – if you want to move past the bunny slope, you can't pull up when the piste suddenly gets steeper.

What if you fall? Let's be honest: this will happen many times, but it is through these failures where the real growth will occur. It may not be apparent now, but every professional racer fell many times when they were first learning how to ski.

In the same way, your initial ideas for a business might fail the first few times. You might even be forced to get temporary work to stay afloat financially.

However, you'll learn what doesn't work each time you don't succeed, moving you closer to creating your first profitable product or service.

The day you start seeing failures as learning opportunities is the day you start to 'live the dream'.

To live your best life every day

Life is fleeting. As certain as the light of day gives way to the darkness of night, the time when you pass from this world will surely come.

This may sound alarming (and a little depressing), but it is the truth. Yet, given this indisputable fact, it is shocking how many of us act as if we were guaranteed a tomorrow.

Those who 'live the dream' are acutely aware of their own mortality. As such, they seek to make the most of the time they have, as they have no idea when Death will tap them on the shoulder.

Yes, work still needs to get done, but those determined to make the most of their lives find a way to fit their career around their passions.

This may mean leaving behind a position holding you back from your life goals, but given the fact your eventual demise is non-negotiable, unemployment is a minor annoyance to endure in the short-term.

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