Keeping the fires of passion alive even when life gets busy

How keep the fire in your relationship even when life gets busy

Remember when you met your better half? You can't explain what happened, but after years of dating frustration, things suddenly clicked between you and this perfect stranger. The romance and magic which followed made the ensuing months some of the best in your life to date.

At present, though, work and everyday responsibilities have crept in, leaving little space for the passion which used to exist between you and your boo.

Want to re-stoke the fire in your relationship? In this blog, we'll share a few ways you can take back the magic your busy schedule has stolen from your love life.

A lack of time is a lack of priorities

Many complain about not having the time to get all the things they want done so they can live their life. However, everyone has the same 24 hours available to them – what separates busy yet fulfilled couples and the perpetually overwhelmed? The ability to assess what truly matters in their lives.

Yes, they pour a great deal of energy into their careers, but they are not slaves to their jobs. They work efficiently and effectively so they are not stuck behind their desk when they could be spending time with their soulmate.

By making your relationship a top priority and plotting out work activities accordingly, you'll find a way to make time for your partner.

Schedule date nights like an unmissable appointment

“But, how?” you might say. When living in a constant state of overwhelm, it can be tough to see how it is possible to carve time out of your schedule for things other than work, errands, and sleep.

Do you have difficulties blocking off time on your calendar to meet with a big money client who could take your business to new heights, likely not?

Give your life partner the same treatment. Set aside time in your schedule for a long, leisurely dinner at that new hot resto-pub everyone is talking about, and defend the slot as vigorously as you would for any other unbreakable commitment.

Get your significant other surprise gifts

Even when you take time out of your busy life to have a memorable evening with your love, there's no denying our jobs demand more from us these days.

As such, there are periods when you may go days without seeing much of your better half. Make up for the lack of face time by surprising them with a present which says, “Thanks for being a patient and understanding partner – I love you”.

The best gift is one which speaks to your spouse's soul. Those passionate about travel will love an impromptu city break; however, those who also appreciate the finer things in life will be taken aback by a journey to create a diamond crafted with their tastes in mind.

Whether you opt for this experience or something else, the thought put into the gift is what matters most – take their passions into account and give them something which professes your undying love for them.

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