Real diamonds vs lab created

Human beings are amazing creatures – we always go looking for a way to improve upon nature. To make things cheaper and easier for people to access or to have.

But when it comes to diamonds, you want to have the real thing.

How real diamonds are made

Real diamonds are made under intense pressure. It takes millions and billions of years to make one. The earth has got it down pat this creation process – made out of carbon hundreds of kilometres deep and catapulted to the surface by volcanic explosions.

The recipe looks like this:

  • Bury carbon dioxide 120 kilometres under the earth’s surface

  • Heat to about 1,200 degrees Celsius.

  • Squeeze under pressure of 328,854 kilograms per square inch.

  • Then release under 24 mega tonnes of thermal energy to the surface to cool

  • Take to diamond clearing house in Armenia to turn into a mind blowing original setting.

How synthetic diamonds are made

Synthetic diamonds are created in a lab. Since 1954, diamonds have been grown inside laboratories in a variety of colours and purities.

The most popular way is by chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which starts out with a tiny diamond seed. Each seed is made of a repeating lattice of carbon atoms — just like all diamonds. Inside a microwave plasma oven, the seeds are zapped with natural gas into a plasma of carbon, which sticks to each seed and slowly builds up a diamond, atom by atom. It can take up to 12 weeks to grow a decent size rock.

Don’t mistake the fake diamonds with cubic zirconia (you will generally know by the price). Fake diamonds can be just as expensive as real diamonds.

When it comes to buying a real diamond vs a synthetic diamond, synthetic are about 25% cheaper

The hard decision is whether to go for real or synthetic.

We think real – it is made by mother nature, size - synthetic diamonds can only be grown larger than a carat and half and the resale value is diminished. If you truly want sparkle, then you are not going to get the same from a lab created diamond as the real one.

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