Diamonds are a man’s best friend.

“A kiss on the hand is quite sentimental but diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” Marilyn Monroe belted out. All over the internet of all things are articles about how much women love diamonds. They’re pretty, sparkly and the ultimate symbol of love.

Men struggle to understand what the fuss is about. But they still go off to the shop and buy a ring for their love. Knowing the reasons why diamonds are a girl’s best friend can make them a man’s best friend too.

Let’s talk about the gushy stuff first …

It’s all about love

Love and diamonds go hand in hand. When declaring their undying love, men buy diamond rings to propose … not emeralds, not sapphires. Diamonds. A diamond ring is a symbol of the ultimate declaration of love. A diamond ring is a promise of a life together, adventures, family and a future. When you want to woo your lady, she wants to know she is loved and a diamond ring screams ‘he loves me’. A diamond ring is a symbol of the love you have for her that she can wear in plain sight.

What’s love without romance

Diamonds have been linked with romance for time immemorial. Think about all the movies, books and songs written about romance. Giving diamond rings as an open declaration of love and the promise of marriage is something humans have been doing since the 1400s.

The ancient Greeks and Egyptians gave gold rings as gifts to propose marriage. There is evidence that cave men bound the hands and feet of their partners with cord to signify the circle of life.

Next time your love asks you to watch a ‘mushy chick flick’, watch it with her. She’ll love you even more for it.

Memories that bind us together

The reason why most people get married is to have a family – whether that is naturally or adoption. We want to create a unit that lives on through our name and our stories. As we get older, we talk about what we will leave our family as part of our legacy … and a diamond is an heirloom that can keep on giving. Imagine the stories your family will tell in 50 years about the beautiful ring you have especially made by Diamonds By Scarlett Rose as they watch your trip video.

And now the facts …

Diamonds are forever.

Let’s get technical. If you are going to invest a lot of money in buying a high-quality diamond, you want to know it will last. Diamonds are strong because of their molecular structure. They are arranged in such a way that it is really difficult to break one bond at a time, so each bond acts as a reinforcement of all the others. They are made from carbon. Each carbon atom is covalently bonded (which means they share electrons) to four other carbon atoms. A lot of energy is needed to separate the atoms in diamond.

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