There are three pillars of luxury.
Time, Space and Freedom. 

Time is the single most valuable commodity that we all have. 


We can’t buy time. We can’t borrow time. We can’t add time. 


It’s the ultimate luxury but what we do with it, changes lives. 


Wouldn’t it make sense then, to make the very most of what time we have been given? 

Not to waste it on “ordinary”!


Rather to go for “extra-ordinary!”

Space conveys a feeling of importance.


Space to live. Space to grow. Space to play. 


Space creates a feeling of something special; something unique; something exclusive.

Space for that one of a kind, never had before and never again after, experience


You are special!

Space in your heart; for that special ONE in your life.

Freedom brings everything together. 


Everyone wants to be free. Free to do whatever you want and whenever you want.


Free to choose how you live, where you live, why you live …

Free to be who you want  to be and who you want to be with

Free to choose a lifestyle … YOUR lifestyle


Time; Space; Freedom.  The pillars of luxury.

At Diamonds By Scarlett Rose, we’ve created the ultimate Experience to give you the luxury you deserve and memories that last forever. Time, Space and Freedom.